NIT Sikkim

NameMr. Neelanjan Dutta
DesignationAssistant Professor
Academic QualificationPhD pursuing (IIEST Shibpur)
Areas of InterestWater and wastewater treatment
Solid Waste Management
Work ExperienceAcademic: 3.6 years
Industry: 11 months
TeachingsEnvironmental Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Water Resources Engineering
List of PublicationsList Of Publications (National/International)
1. Neelanjan Dutta, Anaya Ghosh, Biswajit Debnath, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh; "Climate change in Hilly region of India: Issues and Challenges in Waste Management"; 2019, Sustainable Waste Management: Policies and Case Studies, Page no. 657-669.
2. Neelanjan Dutta, Anirban Gupta; "Pyrolysis of HDPE for Production of Fuel: A Sustainable Waste Management Paradigm towards Circular Economy"; ASCE Conference, 2020, Kolkata, India.
3. Neelanjan Dutta; "Waste Management in Hilly Area: A Case Study at Sikkim", GWA Conference, 2020, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
4. Anaya Ghosh, Neelanjan Dutta, Biswajit Debnath, Anirban Gupta, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh;"Plastic Waste Management Rule 2016, Implementation in India: Current Status, Issues and Challenges", IconSWM Conference, 2018, Vijaywada, India.
5. Neelanjan Dutta, Arindam Halder, Anirban Gupta; 'Field Application of Electrocoagulation for Arsenic Removal from Groundwater Supplies' in "OU Water Conference", 2015, Oklahoma University, USA.
6. Neelanjan Dutta, Arindam Halder, Anirban Gupta; "Field Application of Electrocoagulation for Arsenic Removal", IWWA, 2015, Kolkata, India.
Membership of Professional BodiesIPHE
Achievements1. Received 3rd Position at Rural Drinking Water Technology, Hackathon, IIT Kharagpur.
2. Received INR 100000 by AICTE (INAE) to present a paper at Oklahoma University, USA.
3. Won 1st Prize in a national level paper presentation conference organized by FOSET.
4. Received INR 50000 by GAABESU for research work at IIEST, Shibpur.
Office AddressCivil Engineering Department, NIT Sikkim
+91 9475986145
Extras1. Completed a Consultancy project on "Appraisal Report on DPR for Up-gradation and Modernization of Sewerage Scheme for Smart City Namchi, South Sikkim"
2. Completed a consultancy project on "Appraisal Report on Solid Waste Management DPRs in six towns and one landfill area in Sikkim (Singtam, Rangpo, Namchi, Geyzing, Mangan, jorethang & Shipsu)"