NIT Sikkim

NameMr. Rahul Biswas
DesignationAssistant Professor
Academic QualificationM.Tech from NIT Patna
PhD (Pursuing) NIT Patna
Areas of InterestConcrete Technology
Structural Analysis
Construction Material
Work Experience4 Year Research Experience
7 Month Teaching Experience
TeachingsStructural Dynamics
Structural Analysis III
Mechanics of Solid
List of PublicationsList Of Publications (National/International):

1. Biswas, R., & Rai, B. (2019). Efficiency Concepts and Models that Evaluates the Strength of Concretes Containing Different Supplementary Cementitious Materials. Civil Engineering Journal Tehran, 5(1), 18-32. (Published) [ESCI/Web of Science]
2. Biswas, R., Samui, P. & Rai, B., Determination of compressive strength using relevance vector machine and emotional neural network, Asian Journal of Civil Engineering (2019) 20: 1109. (Published) [Scopus /Springer ]
3. Biswas, R., Samui, P, Roy, S.S & Rai, B. (2019). Estimating Concrete Compressive Strength Using Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines, Least Squares Support Vector Machine and Genetic Programming. Engineering Journal. (Published) [Scopus]
4. Biswas, R., & Rai, B. Effect of Cementing Efficiency Factor on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete Incorporating Silica Fume. Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance, DOI: 10.1080/24705314.2020.1765269 (Published) [Scopus]
5. Biswas, R., Kumar, S, Rai, B., Samui, P. & Kim, D. Prediction of Rapid Chloride Permeability of Self Compacting Concrete Using Multivariate Adaptive Regression Spline and Minimax Probability Machine Regression Technique. Journal of Building Engineering. (Published) [SCI]
6. Rahul Biswas & Baboo Rai. Compressive Strength Prediction Model of High Strength. Concrete with Silica Fume by Destructive and Non Destructive Technique. Innovative Infrastructure Solution. (Communicated)
7. Rahul Biswas, A Bardhan, P Samui, B Rai, S Nayak, Smart Soft Computing Techniques for the Prediction of Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Concrete using GP, RVM and GPR. Arabian journal for Science and Engineering. (Communicated)
Membership of Professional Bodies
AchievementsMHRD Scholarship holder for Pursuing PhD in NIT Patna
Participant of RACER 2019 at NIT Jamshedpur under TEQIP III program
Participant of Deep Machine Learning at NIT Patna under TEQIP III program
Office AddressDepartment of Civil Engineering
National Institute of Technology Sikkim
Barfung Block, Ravangla Sub-Division
South Sikkim - 737 139
+91 8617821340
ExtrasReviewer in the journal Innovative Infrastructure Solution (Springer)
Reviewer in the journal Arabian journal of Geosciences (Springer)