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Dr. Neelanjan Dutta

Designation: Assistant Professor

Email :

Mobile : +91 9475986145

Contact Address :

Civil Engineering Department, NIT Sikkim


Teaching: 5.9 years
Industry: 11 months


Water Supply & Solid Waste Management
Environmental Science
Sanitary & Pollution Control Engineering
Surveying I
Fluid Mechanics


Ph.D., IIEST Shibpur

Areas of Interest

Ground Water and wastewater treatment
Solid Waste Management

Publications & Extras

List of Publications (National/International)

1. Neelanjan Dutta, Pradip Mondal, Anirban Gupta (2022). Optimization of process parameters using response surface methodology for maximum liquid yield during thermal pyrolysis of blend of virgin and waste high-density polyethylene. Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management.

2.Neelanjan Dutta, Barun Kumar Thakur, Md Nurujjaman, Kanish Debnath, Debi Prasad Bal. (2022). An assessment of the water quality index (WQI) of drinking water in the Eastern Himalayas of South Sikkim, India. Groundwater for Sustainable Development: 17, 100735

3.Neelanjan Dutta, Arindam Haldar, Anirban Gupta; "Electrocoagulation for Arsenic Removal: Field Trials in Rural West Bengal" (2021). Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology.

4. Neelanjan Dutta, Anirban Gupta. "An experimental study on conversion of high?density polyethylene and polypropylene to liquid fuel" (2021). Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy.

5. Biswajit Debnath & Shiladitya Ghosh, Neelanjan DuttaNeelanjan Dutta. (2021). Resource Resurgence from COVID-19 Waste via Pyrolysis: a Circular Economy Approach. Circular Economy and Sustainability.

6.Neelanjan Dutta, Anaya Ghosh, Biswajit Debnath, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh; "Climate change in Hilly region of India: Issues and Challenges in Waste Management"; 2019, Sustainable Waste Management: Policies and Case Studies, Page no. 657-669.

7.Neelanjan Dutta, Anirban Gupta; "Pyrolysis of HDPE for Production of Fuel: A Sustainable" Waste Management Paradigm towards Circular Economy"; ASCE Conference, 2020, Kolkata, India.

8.Neelanjan Dutta. "Waste Management in Hilly Area: A Case Study at Sikkim", GWA Conference, 2020, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

9.Neelanjan Dutta, Arindam Halder, Anirban Gupta; 'Field Application of Electrocoagulation for Arsenic Removal from Groundwater Supplies' in "OU Water Conference", 2015, Oklahoma University, USA.

10. Neelanjan Dutta, Arindam Halder, Anirban Gupta; "Field Application of Electrocoagulation for Arsenic Removal", IWWA, 2015, Kolkata, India.