Consultancy and Testing Details

Sl. No. Consultancy Details Client Details Principal Investigator (s) Consultancy Cost (Rs) Status
1 Assessment of cracks developed at a house adjacent to 132/66/11kV Dikchupool Sub Station at Samdong, East Sikkim. Power Grid Dr. Joy Pal, Dr. Dooradarshi Chatterjee, Dr. Souvik Patra 1,000,00/- Completed
2 Technical vetting of the Gyan Mandir Project at Gangtok, Sikkim Archtech Consultants PVT Ltd. Dr. Joy Pal 4,000,00/- Completed
3 Vetting of Structural Design and Drawing of the Medical College Project at Sochakgang, Sikkim Civil Engineers Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Joy Pal, Dr. Krishna Kumar Maurya, Dr. Anirban Banik 11,000,00/- Completed
4 Vetting of DPR of Medical College Project at Sochakgang at Gangtok, Sikkim. Civil Engineers Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Joy Pal 1,000,00/- Completed
5 Appraisal report on Solid Waste Management DPR’s in six urban towns (Singtam,Rangpo, Namchi, Geyzing, Mangan, and Jorethang) and one landfill area (Shipsu) in Sikkim” as a Principal Investigator Urban Development & Housing Department, Government of Sikkim Dr. Neelanjan Dutta, Dr. Samyajit Basu, Dr. Sarit Kr Das, Dr. Arun Baran Samaddar 80,506/- Completed
6 Appraisal Report on DPR for Up-gradation and Modernization of Sewerage Scheme for Smart City Namchi, South Sikkim Enviro Consultant Dr. Neelanjan Dutta 2,000,00/- Completed
7 Testing of Water Quality Parameters, Construction Material Testing and Concrete Mix Design ITD Cementation Dr. Neelanjan Dutta, Dr. Souvik Patra, Dr. Rahul Biswas 7,366,00/- Completed
8 Testing of Boulders for AAI Pakyong AAI, Pakyong Airport, Sikkim Dr. Souvik Patra 22,500/- Completed
9 Compaction test of soil (after backfilling) at 66/11 kV Marming sub-station Power Grid Corporation of India, Sikkim Dr. Souvik Patra 55,755/- Completed